14 September, 2008

Are We Ready To See Another Favorite House?

It's been alittle while since I've shared one of my favorite house's with you, so are you all ready to see another one? Okay, let me finish typing and I'll get the picture posted. I love driving by this particular home in the evening, when the sun's gone down and it's dark~as the owner has the whole inside and outside lit up, and wow, decorated so beautifully, you can't help but to slow down and just stare! Or perhaps, silently just move right in! LOL I doubt that would go over very well~but just the same, gosh oh gosh, I'd love to take a tour of the inside of this home. I just wish you could see it in person, the pictures will not do it justice, but believe me, it is breathtaking.

It hasn't been the nicest of weekends here, weather wise. Rain on saturday and rain again today, believe it or not, compliments of IKE (todays rain anyway). It's so gloomy and dreary~makes me want to go and curl up under the cover's and take a nice long afternoon nap. Sweet Bailey refuses to go outside in the rain so he hasn't been a happy camper~but he will survive, and at some point, give in and go out. LOL Silly boy, he love's the snow, and can get all kinds of wet from being out in it...but don't try to shove him out the door in that RAIN!

DD called last evening and guess what~said how she WANTS TO COME HOME!!!! Oh my, apparently she HATES it there in NC~nothing against NC by any means...it's just that this is the first time she's ever been away from "Home" in her 32 year's of life, and I believe she is homesick. Does this mean they could come back, with our adorable Granddaughter's oneday SOON??? I am so much hoping so!!!!!!!!!! I love and miss those little one's so horribly~I can't wait to smother them in hugs and kisses again oneday and tell them how beautiful they are and how much Grandma loves them. Here's a cutie picture of them, recently taken.

Awwwwwwwwww, isn't this just precious? Mommy call's them "fat butt's". LOL

I suppose I'll scrape myself up from this chair, only to go and plunk down in another one, and stitch on my "Village Sampler", and watch the Packer's game. Their already winning at 21 to nothing against Michigan's Detroit Lion's. Wooohooo! GO PACKER'S!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great Sunday.


  1. Nice house.....

    Look at those cutie patuties...

  2. OMG, Sharon, those babies are so adorable!

  3. nice house - how do folk have the time (and energy!) to make their houses so lovely - i can just about keep mine from falling to pieces ... and those little grandbabies of yours are so adorable, ther're making me broody-aah!!

  4. I bet you really do miss those grandbabies! Hope you get to see them soon!
    I'm trying to catch up on emails and comments. I'm telling ya, turn the computer off for a day or two and you get so far behind!
    We made it through Ike pretty well. Minor in the grand scheme of things.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Love that house. It has so many wonderful windows. That is nice for extra light and viewing the yard, etc.

    Babies are soooo cute!!!!