18 August, 2008

Whew! Glad THAT'S Done...LOL

I managed to pull myself together this morning, sit down and write out the monthly bills and get an envelope together for DD, to be weighed and mailed to NC. Then after running over to the Post Office, managed to head to the grocery store for the larger shopping. Gosh ohhhhh golly, I can not believe HOW much the price of food has gone up! Highway robbery if you ask me!!! But alas, we have the freezer and shelfs well stocked now and will be able to eat for a good while again. LOL I can remember a time, when the girls still lived at home, I was like clockwork...and to the grocery every two weeks for the larger grocery shopping. But now with just my Groom and myself, I'm lucky if I trot off every two months or so.

It's a scorcher today, up to 88*. Tsk Tsk We've yet to hit out first 90* day this summer though. And we're still waiting on some good rains too. Riding around today, you can just see on everyone's lawns, how desperately we need it. They are saying maybe Friday and into Saturday but we'll see how that goes. I've heard this same ole song and dance before and then it never reaches us. Yaddah Yaddah Yaddah

Now as for my stitching...I'm thrilled to say that ALL of the main stitching is done on "Top Quality Carrots". Wooooohooooo I started the outline detail late Sunday night so I didn't get quite as far as I would of liked to but I believe I should make some pretty good progress tonight when I pick it up again. Be watching for a grand finale finish fairly soon, okay?

I'm going to throw in a more current photo of our adorable Triplet Grandbabies, cause I don't want to post without sharing something. LOL This was taken this past weekend. Enjoy.

Lydia, Piper and Macie

Have a fantastic Monday evening!


  1. Someday maybe I will be able to get by with grocery shopping less than once a week! Around here I'm doing good if I manage to only go once a week!I hate grocery shopping - and it does seem to cost more every week!
    Beautiful grandbabies you have there.

  2. Thanks for sharing the photo OMG - those babies are so aborable, but i bet your daugther has her hands full lol!

    I feel sometimes I might as well just get my wages paid straight into my local supermarkets - the amount of time and money I spend in there is just not right...

  3. The triplets are beautiful. I have twins and thought that was a handful! 3 must be really hard work..... but worth all the effort!

  4. What cuties the triplets are, and I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your furbabies too. I wasn't familiar with what Top Quality Carrots looked like, but looking back through your posts I found where you posted what it would look like done. What a fun piece, I love the rabbit. Looking forward to seeing the update of your progress. Thanks so much for your well wishes for D'artagnon.