07 August, 2008

Top Quality Carrots

This now is my current project, a UFO. It come's from the leaflet by Cross My Heart, "Everybunny Loves Somebunny" . I don't recall when I even started it anymore, but I apparently hadn't gotton very far on it before setting it aside to no doubt start another NEW project. LOL I sure do get some itchy finger's sometimes...hench too many UFO's!
I'm having fun stitching on this one though, the fabric color is sure much more cheerful than that Navy Blue I had been stitching on. And because I'm stitching over two, the stitching just seems to go abit faster...as if I've accomplished much more, in a shorter amont of time. I'm going to cheer myself on, in hopes of continuing with this one until its finished. Wish me lots of luck.

Here is what it will look like when finished...

And this is my progress to date...

1 comment:

  1. OH HOW CUTE!!!! (memo to self - do not let my daughter see this one)

    Hun, you wanna see too many UFO's look at my list on my blog. LOL