24 August, 2008

Time To Share Another Home

Ahhhhh, but before I do share photo's of this home that I just love driving past~ut hmmmm, everytime we go to the "Dairy Queen", after a trip to the Lake...can I first tell you that I am really delighted with myself in that I have FINALLY started my FIRST "Little House Needleworks" design. Wooohoooo My choice in design is "Two White Houses". Gosh oh golly, I can't believe how quickly the stitching is coming along on this piece, and how awesome the piece is looking. I'll get a picture of my progress and post that on sunday. To be quite honest, my bones are feeling too lazy to want to get up and do that now. LOL Already though, as I stitch along on this, I'm thinking/planning which LHN I can stitch next. I have collected Diane's patterns for quite awhile now, so I've a real good sellection to choose from.

Okay, now onto another favorite Home~the owner's have decorated the outside of it to suit my taste! Wasn't that sweet of them? LOL The part about it that has caught my attention, is the front porch, located to the right. What a quaint little sitting area they've got there. It's really pretty after dark as they do have a small candle light setting on the table, with shade, and it just set's everything off so gorgeously. She changes out the decorative theme, according to the Season/Holiday. I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures~On one of them, the lady of the house happened to come outside (to the left of the front door), to either shake or bring in a throw rug. Busted! LOL But, she didn't come running after me or hollar that I shouldn't be taking pictures of her home. Whew! I'm sure that my camera sticking out the car window was a dead give-a-way. LOL

Have a fabulous Day!


  1. The home is a beautiful one, I wish I could live in a home like that. Mine is o.k. but nothing to brag about. I can't wait to see your LHN piece.

  2. That is such a beautiful home. I love seeing the pictures you take of different houses. I always wanted to do that and never did, now you have given me ideas!!
    I love that design too, can't wait to see it. I think I have 2 blue houses. I have been saving my LHN designs for awhile, I have stitched a couple but have a pile still to do. What a great blog you have.

  3. Oh how I wish I lived in this house!!!!


  4. Hi Sharon....my name is Jen. I was just browsing your blog. Two White Houses is adorable. I can't wait to see WIPs of that.

    That house is beautiful! Makes me want to walk up to the front door & ask if I can stay there for a bit. LOL

  5. Love the house pictures. That looks like a house I would like to live in.

    It has been so long since I stitched an LHN design that it is hard to remember how fast they do stitch up. Love most of them.