17 August, 2008

Such A Gorgeous Day

It was just beautiful here on friday, and not a day to just want to sit in the house and not enjoy it. So we decided to head to the Lake Front and get some fresh air and feed the Ducks and Geese~even stopped at the grocery to buy a loaf of bread for them. How about that, when most people bring their stale bread, we stop and buy a brand spankin' new loaf of it. LOL With just the two of us here, we don't usually have stale bread though. It get's eatten before it has the chance to get old.

A couple of the Geese where especially friendly, if I aimed just right, they would catch the piece of bread in mid-air. The Ducks are usually quicker, so they snatch up whatever lands near the Geese before they have the chance to get their bill to the ground. And the Seagull's...ohhhh forget it! They swoop down and grab it right out from everyone else and then fly off with it. It's fun feeding them all though. I could sit there forever just watching them swim and sleep.

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  1. When I lived in California, once when we were having a picnic on the beach, a seagull came and stole an entire sandwich still in the baggie, fortunately he dropped it not far from us. It was very funny and memorable.