17 August, 2008

Some Beautiful Homes

One of the many things that I enjoy doing, is to admire some of the gorgeous looking homes out there. I love to look at the style of the home, and the landscaping mainly. And of course, where it might be located at. I feel that those whom live along the Lake Front have the BEST seat in the house, not only having such an amazing and breathtaking view, but to be where it's cooler too. There is nothing more refreshing than on a hot and humid day, to be at the Lake when the wind's kick up from it. There can be such a difference in temperature, compared to being further inland and away from the Lake. Here are some photo's of home's that are built right smack along the Lake, and the nicest part for these Homeowner's is that there is NO free land across from them, where someone can build and totally distract their view's.

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