29 August, 2008

Our Trip To "Botanical Gardens" Earlier This Week

Oh, it really was just too beautiful a day to want to spend it in the house,
so DH and I decided we'd head over to the "Botanical Garden's". Even though the Sun was beating down on us, there still was a wonderful breeze that kept us cool. The wittle Bumble Bee's didn't seem to mind either one~they where buzzing all over the place! LOL

I was soooo excited to see just how many flowers where still in bloom. Wow, they where all so gorgeous. The Rose's where the only one's that I didn't see doing as well as all the other's, but even at that, there where still some good Kodak moments to be had.

Thank you for looking at my pretties.


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  2. Your pictures were like we got to visit the Botanical Gardens with you.

    I keep forgetting to mention that I love the picture of the Black-Eyed Susans on the top of your blog.