09 August, 2008

Now I Know Why "Top Quality Carrots" Became a UFO

Gosh, by golly anyhow...If I say the word FROG, would this possibly be a hint as to WHY it became a UFO???? I've been stitching merrily away on this piece for a few days now, mainly working on the top part of the design. Tonight I started to fill in the bunnies chest/tummy area and find that somethings just not right here! So I start checking things out, row by row and find out I'd made a Boo-Boo! Crumb, that only means onething now...and that's where Mr. Froggie come's into play. I frogged what I stitched, but then it was getting late so tomorrow when I pick this up again, I'll finish frogging the rest of it. And then...I'm sending the Frog out the nearest window, where he will NOT pass go, and not collect $200.00, or get out of JAIL free, either!!!! Hmmmmph That ought to teach him not to come around here messing with me. LOL

So, that explain's the UFO part of it...the Boo-Boo was made even before I picked this back up again.

Have a great weekend everyone, hope you'll get some good stitching time in.

1 comment:

  1. Well, sounds like we are sharing that froggie... wish we could just send him away for good.