25 August, 2008

My Progress On My LHN "Two White Houses"

Good Monday morning everyone! I hope this finds that you've all had a fantastic weekend, and that your ready and roaring to start a brand new week. Me, hmmmmm~I'm still trying to wake up, so check back with me later and I'll let you know how ready I am to start anything, yet alone a new week. LOL

It's sure a beautiful day, weather wise...that much I can say. Having gone outside with Bailey while he took care of his business, I almost didn't want to come back in too soon. I believe we're at 68* and there's a fantastic breeze coming in off the Lake, which sure feels wonderful. I wonder how long this kind of weather can last before we heat up and turn humid again? We're still lacking in rain however, and it doesn't look like we'll have another shot at it until Thursday. Every single time it's predicted for us, it manages to avoid us~hit everywhere around us, and completely miss us. The poor lawn, it's suppose to be a pretty shade of green and feel soft under our feet~but that's not so around here these days. It's turned brown and feels very ruff to the bare foot. Like straw!

I'm sorry I didn't share a progress picture of "Two White Houses" on Sunday as I had intended to do. We ended up taking off for the day, heading to the Lake to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. It was so beautiful. Even managed to stop once again and buy a couple loafs of bread to take along and feed the ducks, geese and seagulls. *smile* Need I say that they really enjoyed that?

So, without further delay, here is my progress picture. Excuse the fabric creases from where it has been folded~I din't feel like ironing it before I took this picture, this morning. Yes, I know, I'm lazy. But just the same, I hope you enjoy seeing it.

I picked 28 count Mushroom Brittney by Zweigart to stitch this on. Over two. Anyone who know's me, know's just how much I love Autumn and anything to do with it...especially those vibrant and beautiful color's of it. So it's no wonder that I would pick this design to stitch next.

Thank you kindly for looking at my progress. I may be back later today to post another one of those pretty house pictures that is another must "slow down and drool over", near the Lake.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. This piece is really cute, great work!

  2. Wow!! You are really coming along on this piece. Looking good.