10 August, 2008

Finished My Frogging Tonight

I ended up ripping out alittle more than I thought I had to, but now it's done and on Sunday, I'll be all set to restart that section. Isn't it just amazing how the misplacement of ONE stitch can throw the whole thing off? I'm so hoping that the not so welcomed guest...ie. FROG, is gone now!

On another note, I talked to our DD-mother of Triplets, on the phone today and I found out that neither one of the girls are too fond of Green Bean's. Ooooh my! Mommy say's they will learn to eat them though, that they are not going to grow up being picky. GO MOMMY!!! The girls apparently love Apple Sauce though. They finished off the jar of that Friday at supper and hmmmmm....wanted more. They've sure got a whole world of food out there just waiting to be tried/tasted. What fun that's going to be.

And the weatherman predicted some rain/t-storms for our area today. Hmmmmph, one tiny cloud burst is all that we got. I can just imagine the grass roots looking up to the skies and begging, pleading, for some much needed rain. Everything that we where suppose to get as of late, either goes to the north or south of us. Oneday, we'll get some...I just know it. One advantage of it not raining though, is that we haven't had to mow the lawn. Yippie! More time for stitching, or in my case, FROGGING. LOL

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thanks for the comment on the button frame. Can't say it was an original idea as I've seen a couple 'similar' to it in stores but thought it would be fun to do it myself, so 'borrow' away! Those babies would look really cute in a button frame!
    Sorry about the frog - he likes to visit here too.

  2. Hope the frog is gone forever.

    Cute babies. I bet it is hard to stay away from them.

    I have made 2 awards to you. Check out my blog for details. Great job.