31 July, 2008

Wisconsin State Fair

Wow, it's hard to believe it already, but our State Fair starts today. They should have some pretty fantastic weather for opening day so that should make alot of the fair go-er's very happy. When the girls where younger, we would be sure to take them to the fair every year. After a time though, that got old as it seemed to be the same ol', same ol' year after year. A few year's ago, we did go with our eldest daughter and her then boyfriend, (her now husband)...went two year's in a row, then last year we all opted out. And now this year, the kiddo's arn't here...they moved to NC two weeks ago with their family...the triplets that you've read me mention.

When I have more time, I think I'll dig out my pictures and share a few of those with you. Now won't that be fun? LOL

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