29 July, 2008

Our Furry Children

We are "owned" by some four-legged critters. Bailey, our precious dog and two kittie girls, Roxy and Sophie. We also have a parakeet, tropical and Goldfish. Ahhh yes, our little mini Zoo. And, we love them all. Here are some photo's of the furry "kids".....

Bailey came to live with us when he was 10 weeks old, a wee puppy at the time. This year, he will turn 9 year's old already. That sure doesn't seem possible.

Roxy is the domestic longhair and Sophie is a Tuxedo. They are both so loveable and sweet. Roxy was here first and when Sophie came to live with us, there wasn't any problems with the two of them getting along together. To this day, they chase each other around, play together, roll around and clean each other. Oh, and they take nap's and must eat together too. Like I said, very sweet little kitty girls.

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