29 July, 2008

Not Much "Free" Wall Space In Our Home

The onething, when we bought our home, was that I didn't pay much attention to what sort of wall space we'd have~of course, I wasn't as heavily into my cross stitching as I am now, so wouldn't of given the wall matter much thought then. "Ding-Ding" (bell's going off in my head and making a MENTAL NOTE).......when buying a home, do pay attention to what wall space you'll have!!! Even if you're not a stitcher like myself, you may just like adding decor to the wall's, and heaven forbid, you don't have enough to do what you'd like.

So, conclusion to spared wall space...make collages where ever possible! This is one example of what I've done. This nice sized wall is right off the kitchen, in a Hallway. I pass it often and can enjoy it right from my kitchen table. Now that makes me HAPPY.

Another wall, quite smaller in size~but just the same, I loaded it with my Cross Stitching.

I'm just starting this wall~see how BIG it is though. LOL I'm all set for another Collage Wall. This one being in the computer/craft room that I'm just getting put together for myself. It was previously a Nursery for our Triplet Grandaughter's....so that line you see seperating the wall color's is where their Winnie The Pooh boarder paper was. Need to see if I can remove the paste I'd put on it.

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