29 July, 2008

New Decor on the kitchen walls

We recently painted the kitchen walls and ceiling~okay, I'll come clean...our Son-in-law did the painting. LOL I thought that so long as we where starting with a clean slate, I'd change the theme on them. While I have always loved Country Decorating, I thought it was time for a change and go with my second love! Actually, I've always LOVED the AMERICANA theme so its a FIRST love too. I happened to be at "Joanne Fabric's" oneday, and oh gosh, hit the Mother Load of Americana and Paitriotic pieces!!!!! Colour me HAPPY!!! I'm pleased how it all looks hanging up. Here are a few photo shares...

I just loved these pieces and couldn't pass them up, so bought them and added them to a smaller wall near the diningroom entrance. Yupper's, you can have your cake and eat it too. LOL

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