29 July, 2008

Another one of my collage's...

Alot of these prints where bought at a second hand store...sorta like a "Good Will". My intentions where to use the frame's for my Cross Stitch finishes~but I really liked the pictures in each one of them and didn't have the heart to take them apart. So for now, I'll enjoy them hanging on the wall. They are located in the "work in progress"....Computer/Craft room.

The top center design is a signed print by Paula Vaughn. It was given to me, quite by surprise, by a dear Internet friend, Denise. I absolutely adore and love this, and will cherish it forever and always. Denise even had this matted and framed.

1 comment:

  1. That's so funny because I do the same thing!!

    I buy framed and matted prints (because they are cheaper than getting my needlework professionally framed) with the intentions of using them for my needlework and then don't have the heart to extract the beautiful print that is already there.